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Getting dressed is about to become both auspicious and streamlined! Qualities: In Jyotish, the sun is believed to be a reflection of the soul.

9 Planets & their Significations

Due to this soul connection, Sundays are the best day to dedicate to spiritual pursuits. Sun Salutations on a Sunday morning are a beautiful way to greet the day and honor the paternal sun. In Vedic culture, paying homage to the sun is considered a boon for health and a boost to positive energy. Any and all garments count, whether you want to dress up like a firecracker, simply wear red socks, or get out your ruby slippers.

Qualities: With her maternal pull, the moon fosters our emotional body. Mondays are best for honoring your yin, or feminine, energy. Opt to decrease stress and activity levels on Mondays to satisfy the moon. Go out with friends and paint the town … white. What to wear: Moon-day fashion includes wearing white and digging out the old family pearls. Crispina ffrench, a global leader in textile recycling, helps you devise a game plan to recycle and reinvent your worn-out clothes into a new garment of your own creation.

Due to its feisty side, Mars is traditionally considered a malefic planet having an unfavorable influence. But, because aggression is rampant on Mars days, this is a great time to pursue athletic endeavors and competitions.

Vedic Astrology Planetary Aspects(Jyotish)

Mars is thought of as the engineer, so this is also a good day for mathematics or research. Honor and right intention are highly important themes to consider on Tuesdays.


Red coral is recommended as the stone to appease Mars. Wednesdays is a day to tend the mind and care for the self. Like the Moon, Jupiter is a social planet, and Thursdays are best spent in the company of loved ones. Find something yellow to wear on Thursdays. I have an amber ring that I use as my default Jupiter day accessory.

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Pleasing Venus could look like making music, dancing, or drawing. Fridays are also perfect for romance, as Venus is a divinely feminine planet, deeply connected to love. Interested in Ayurveda but not sure where to start?

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Home Vedic Tutorial Planets in Vedic astrology. Go step by step. Until you have mastered one step, do not move to the next. Do not just read, but apply these principles on your own horoscope In the begining, just pay attention to just reading and analyzing a birth chart, rather can drafting one.

What to Wear Every Day of the Week, According to Vedic Astrology | Kripalu

Go in the same order of lessons as is provided here. Practice and more practice. Planets in Vedic astrology All planets in solar system are revolving around Sun in a predefined pattern. Planets however govern a lot more than just occurrence of day and night or eclipses and tides. Planets have a direct impact on us, despite being several light years away. While the position of planets does not dictate our everyday actions, it does have a profound and close influence on our life and destiny.

Human body is in fact made of elements present in the Universe. The structure of our brain is very much similar to the structure of universe. These are grouped under various headings as per their gender, humor, Intrinsic Vedic Qualities Gunas and relationship with other planets as described below, this information is useful in accurate analysis of a birth chart:. Eunuch planet is neutral in this sense and may get influenced by the gender of the associated planets or signs. Classification as per Gunas Intrinsic Vedic Qualities : As per Vedic wisdomthere are three qualities or Gunas of nature, namely, Satva meaning purity and goodness, Rajas meaning activity and passion and lastly, Tamas, which is the quality of ignorance, darkness or error.

Classification as per Intrinsic Nature: Planets are by intrinsic nature either malefic or benefic.