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This may not be a gushy love, but it is going to have a lot of honesty and authenticity.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

Interestingly, we know Mercury retrogrades are famous for bringing back exes or situations we thought were done and over. And with Venus in Aquarius, it could make for some definite blasts from the pasts. But we will be approaching it differently so we very well may see new results.

On March 6th, we see a new moon in Pisces, so more of that watery, dreamy, loving energy, and Uranus moves into Taurus until This is not a small movement. For us, this also must deal with our relationships.

Horoscopes by Jamie Partridge

Last year, Uranus moved into Taurus but only for a short period of time, because he moved back into Aries. And when he did, there was something we all had missed. We had thought that we were on the right track , but the Universe had other plans. Now as Uranus moves into Taurus permanently, we will start to see some of the energies return. Think back to May to November of last year. We had to face parts of ourselves and our lives that we had tried not to. We had to reorganize and deal with what was in front of us. Saturn and Pluto affect your career house, so showcase your talents and others will take notice.

A Moon-Mars square on the 3rd starts the month with simmering memories and emotions. This is followed on the 4th and 5th with an awkward Jupiter placement that will find your faith challenged, so try saying positive affirmations. Mid-month shifts your focus to exploring financial opportunities and a turn for the better in terms of family relations.

Mercury goes direct at the end of the month and that should bring new perspectives on the future. Early in the month, Venus supports spiritual connections. Mercury retrograde on the 5th can be a confusing period in terms of professional aspirations. Mid-month, a Mars-Neptune aspect encourages meditation or some sort of spiritual quest. The Full Moon on the 20th is the first of the spring. A romantic quality pervades as the Moon illuminates your house of love and pleasure. A Venus-Uranus sextile at the end of the month enhances camaraderie with co-workers. Long-range goals call out for your attention and still a sense of restlessness prevails at the start of the month.

Scorpio March Monthly Astrology Horoscope 2019

The New Moon on the 6th offers the opportunity for an insightful dream or meditation experience. A Pluto aspect mid-month intensifies your interest in a worthwhile cause. A Sun-Saturn aspect brings encouragement from a partner.

The Full Moon on the 20t brings an impulse to beautify your home. Quincunx aspects highlight fate as the month begins. So, heed coincidences.

Your March 12222 Monthly Horoscopes

On the 7th-8th of the month, a favorable Venus aspect brings a new admirer. Midmonth, Mars and Neptune emphasize career aspirations. The Moon impacts community life at the same time, so participate in group activities. The Full Moon on the 20th brings interesting conversations that inspire new ideas. Venus should deliver profits at the end of the month, an opportunity to add to your savings.

Your March Monthly Horoscopes

Share ideas and be a good listener. The New Moon on the 6th brings a change of focus to a partnership. Mid-month, a harmonious aspect between Uranus and Saturn brings rewarding work. The Full Moon on the 20th is all about security for you. Later in the month, a volatile Uranus makes it vitally important that you keep an open mind. Venus enters your house of love at the start of the month.

Romance intensifies. The Moon enhances your creativity. Retrograde Mercury on the 5th offers reminders of health habits. Mid-month, Sun and Moon form aspects with Jupiter that will encourage you to explore options. On the 20th, the Full Moon will lead your mind towards introspection, an excellent time to meditate. Towards the end of the month, finances become important as the Moon impacts your cash flow. Sort through your memorabilia until Mercury turns retrograde on the 5th. The New Moon on the 6th attracts romance, so expect your heartfelt sentiments to be reciprocated.

Transits on the 11th focus on your partnerships; relationships can shift direction. Midmonth places Mars in your house of teamwork. Colleagues will prove helpful. Towards the end of the month The Moon enters Scorpio. Much can be achieved with little effort. Sun and Neptune transits affect family matters until the Vernal Equinox on the 20th. Paying attention to your intuition will improve your living conditions. Mid-month, a lucky Jupiter brings opportunities.

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The Moon heightens your vulnerability in relationships. The Full Moon on the 20th will bring new social contacts. The Moon enters your birth sign on the 25th. A renewed sense of direction results. Toward the end of the month, favorable financial stars emerge. This could be a good time to go shopping.

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Transportation is the focus at the start of the month. Relatives or neighbors revisit old issues. As strong Mars at mid-month encourages you to seek the truth. Venus-Jupiter influences provide inspiration through art and music.

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