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This creates fear in the minds of people.

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Since it is difficult to know what may happen after death when deeds committed during lifetime are judged, people take a hint and restrict or change their lifestyles to live a life of selfrighteousness and piety. Once people turn to religion for guidance, there is an overall purity of the soul and mind.

Having gained such knowledge people may gain Salvation or Moksha. Hence, Sages considered this knowledge as part and parcel of Vedas or one of the limbs of Vedas Vedang. Once this treatise gained the importance of being one of the limbs of Vedas, it automatically gained importance and people saw the need to know or gain knowledge of such treatises.

It is said in Mahabharata that one who gains the knowledge of all the limbs of the Vedas, becomes the all knower or the sum total knowledge that needs to be gained. Hence this treatise is deemed important!!

In the first chapter topics on techniques, karaka significators , pad arudha in common language , Rajyoga combination of planets promising prosperity or kingly status are mentioned. In the second chapter topics on ascendant, karaka, longevity and their dasa see notes below periods and dasa calculations are mentioned. Third chapter has topics or rather descriptive analysis of Drekanna division.

This is because knowledge about ascendant, karaka etc. Studying the Drekanna one gets to know what kind of efforts a native will put in, thus this involves studying the Innermost Efforts or rather the expressed fruits for a native. Hence the study of Drekanna is also known as Antarrang Shastra. Of these Antarrang Shastra is of prime importance.

Others have laid importance of the study of Amsas, so why is study of Drekanna given importance? Drekanna is nothing but a house in a chart divided into three parts equaling ten degrees. Varaha Mihira gave the method to derive Drekanna divisions but did not give methods to judge these divisions. Kalpalataa mentions three different interchangeable Parivrutti methods to arrive at Drekanna chart. These methods are Savya direct , Apsavya reverse order. For example, by Savya method house divisions for Aries odd signs are counted beginning with Aries and then in the direct order. For Taurus even signs and in the Apsavya method, divisions will begin from Pisces.

Navamsa Divisions For Aries, Leo and Sagittarius trikona rasis or trines , navamsa divisions will be counted by the Savya or direct method beginning with Aries. For Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, navamsa divisions will be counted in the Apsavya or reverse order beginning with Virgo.

For Gemini, Libra and Aquarius, navamsa divisions begin in the Savya or direct method beginning with Libra. Now Dwadasamsa divisions are described. Like all other books on this subject, Kalpalataa too mentions dwadasamsa divisions in the Savya or direct method to arrive at 12 divisions for each signs. Hora Division Now Hora division is described.

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Hora finds mention in Brihajjatak as well as other well known books, but the method described in Kalpalataa is different. First Method: For both Bhava and Rasi, first half division Hora begins with the same rasi, second half division belongs to the Labhapati. According to Varaha Mihira there are a total of five different methods to construct a hora chart. Here the first half division in Aries belongs to Aries, and the second half belongs to Taurus. First half of Taurus belongs to Gemini and the second half belongs to Cancer. Likewise hora divisions of other signs can be calculated.

This type of Hora division is helpful for judging Rajyoga and longevity calculations also. Third Method: In this method the first half belongs to the same rasi, and the second half belongs to the sign where 8th lord from the rasi under consideration is placed2!! Some use this hora for judging longevity only. This version they say is helpful in judging life after death for a native. Thus, these five variants of Hora technique need to be analyzed and their results divined by learned daivagyas accordingly.

Ghati Lagna Now Ghati Lagna is being described, some say the calculation should begin with the ascendant in the natal chart, but Kalpalataa mentions this differently. Find out which out of the two — ascendant or the 7th sign is stronger, if the native is male calculate Ghati Lagna in the direct fashion, if the native is female consider reverse order.

This book mentions various karakas, in the order mainly Atman Karka, Svakaraka, Dasha karaka, Bhava karaka. Of these five5 are most important. SA Translators: For example we are calculating second hora division for Taurus — the 8th sign from Taurus is. Sagittarius, find out where Jupiter is located in the chart, and again if for example Jupiter is in the sign of Cancer, then the second hora of Taurus will belong to Cancer 3 SA Translators: Please note that no such word as Ashrum exists in Hindi dictionaries, so it is left to the reader to try and find out what this really means — please do share your research with us 4 SA Translators: Please note that no distinction between male female charts is being done in Jaimini softwares and net forums on calculation of Ghati Lagna, this is a remarkable feature found in Kalpalatta.

So, in totality one of the karaka's is not mentioned!! Bhava karaka can be of all the houses in a horoscope. These are also described in Krishniya shastra another treatise. People who follow Jainism , they do not differentiate between swakaraka and atman karaka. They sometimes use other karakas too. Considering this variation, swakaraka is of utmost importance.

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Karakas have an important role to play as far as fruits or results are concerned, hence it is important to know which planet gets signification of which karaka. It is equally important for a student to listen to his mentor carefully, without his guidance it is difficult to divine properly. It is also important to know which lineage is followed by a mentor, above karakas and their meanings will be different for different lineages.

If a student does not follow or know the religion of his mentor, he will be ridiculed in public. Hence it is important for a student to pray and follow his Guru or mentor.

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Next he must pray and worship Bhagwati Tripura Sundari. As a third step, a student must attentively listen to the words of his mentor, and visualizing the deity he must divine the results as they are mentioned in the shastras. If the results are not based on methodology of shastras, contrary results and discrepancies may occur. Maharshi Vyas has said that a Jyotisha and a practical person can easily become Brahmaghataka or the destroyer of Brahm Vidya Astrology is considered Brahm Vidya or divine knowledge.

Hence it is important that method be followed and both good and bad results be opined in a clear and honest manner. Results should not be given as a written down text, it is forbidden by shastras. If a daivagya gives a written prediction, it may not come true. Whatever method is mentioned in the shastras, they will be followed in true letter and in spirit.


The first division gives us definitions and specific terms; second division gives us results to be opined about the swakaraka. Third division gives us information about Pad or Arudha, and the last and the fourth division gives us information about marital issues. Second chapter has description about forty 40 different dasa systems, third chapter has description about drekanna and Rajyoga thereof, longevity and sixteen different dasa systems to judge longevity and lastly Stri Jataka or Female horoscopy.

Fourth Chapter has description about circumstances of death of a native, travel and then information about netherworlds after death using fourteen different dasa systems. Having known all of the techniques mentioned in sutras, results so divined will definitely come true. Misfortunes if indicated in a horoscope, must be confirmed by two to three different methods and only then the message be conveyed to the native. Other indications in the chart maybe checked using four or five different techniques and the results conveyed to the native.

Likewise misfortunes indicated by evil houses may be checked accordingly, but in this case only one. This is news since nothing has come out from those quarters in available works in Jaimini to the astrological community. Publisher: Kindly note the reference of the seventy dasas mentioned in Kalpalata, Venkatacharya from Andhra is heard to have worked on these 70 dasas and written a book.

We are still trying to procure this. We still have not read full Kalpalatta as it is being translated but we remember conversation with Mr Shastri that there is a rare text by the name of Moola Shastra by Kalidasa which mentions the calculation of these dasas. Mr Shastriji has searched through 18 libraries all over India for this work and accepts failure in locating it.

If Raj Yoga is indicated in a horoscope, find the appropriate dasa when Raj Yoga will manifest, death maybe predicted during the last part of such a dasa. If indications indicate death within such a Dasa period, using two to three different techniques, death for the native may be conveyed for that particular period. It is the duty of a Daivagya to test such techniques on sufficient horoscopes and gain proficiency in diving results for a native.

For natives born in or with Raj Yoga, results maybe conveyed to the native in a pleasant manner. Phalit Dasas Now Phalit Dasa systems are described. For a native born with Raj Yoga, even if one dasa system indicates period where kingly status may be conferred on the native, it must be conveyed appropriately. Varnada Varnada Lagna maybe calculated in the following manner — Add or subtract the words used in original devnagri script are Milaker aur Vibhakta kerna the longitudes of Hora lagna and Ascendant Udaya Lagna , find the weakest trikona from this spot and calculate dasa accordingly.

A Daivagya must use his sense of judgment to find which of these four calculations agree with each other and divine death for the native. Whenever death inflicting period is known, a Daivagya may use Kaksha Vriddhi and Kaksha Hrasa to adjust death inflicting dasa and then divine death for a native. In the chapter on Drekanna, several methods of longevity are described, but a Daivagya may use his skills to judge longevity to arrive at conclusions. Aspect of a weak moon kshina chander can modify a good yoga into a weak or evil yoga. During a death inflicting dasa, if periods belonging to such weak planets exist, it will surely bring death for the native.

Without the involvement of a weak moon if auspicious period is predicted during such a dasa, inauspicious results will come to pass.

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By a different school of thought, such results are also predicted for Rahu, but by Kalpalataa both Rahu and Mars can give inauspicious results. If these planets are supposed to give auspicious fruits, a Daivagya is supposed to study planetary strengths and divine results accordingly. Yogada 9 If Mars is a yogadata yoga causing planet or yogakaraka or if an exalted Mars is the cause of Raj Yoga, such combinations maybe divined accordingly. However if these planets are the cause of Raj Yoga for a native, careful study is needed.

If such a Sun yogada is aspected by a full moon opposition , such a native will definitely achieve kingly status in a land surrounded by water or near water.

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In likewise manner, results maybe divined for a native studying all aspects in a chart. Without studying strengths, it will be a futile exercise to announce results arbitrarily.

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A native can become a King amongst Kings, if auspicious planets combine to give yoga.