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Heliocentric Astrology, or Essentials of Astronomy and Solar Mentality

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Answering any particular question, according to the chart of the moment. You can tell me the time, date, and place when the question occurred, or I can use the moment of my seeing your question. It is all about becoming the unique one that you eternally are, and not joining the collective fate of the generations. A meaningful forecast for each calendar year, beginning on January 1, derived from a careful analysis of the heliocentric planetary transits during the annum. The perspective is collective, not individual, describing the changing world background in which you live.

This forecast is useful when you want to know, in advance, what the world is thinking and what it will probably do at any time of the year. A meaningful counterpart for the Yearly Forecast, collective in nature. It doesn't have to do with you directly, but shows you what everybody is thinking and doing, all together as a group.

Since it has nothing to do with the individual chart, anyone may order and benefit from it. The monthy forecast will zero in on the changing details of each month, with encouragement or warnings for the ever-changing situation in front of you. When you order a reading, I will speak with you directly, studying your helio chart and translating this study into the terms of your life.

Without any need for excessive formalities, we will quickly get to the point. Which point, in all readings, is that you, alone, are in charge of your life. And there is no way around the law, which is — to have a better life, you must be a better person. Since "better person" necessarily also means "wiser person," then it behooves you to acquire this wisdom as quickly and efficiently as you can — whether through your own hard knocks, or by studying great philosophy and literature, or by trusting someone who offers a little sincere help along the way.

So you realize that the best investment that you can ever make is to invest in yourself; that is, to invest in the superior and better part of yourself.

There is nothing so important as to become a better person, for this will bring a better life in every way. If you acknowledge this, well and good.

Astronomy in Astrology - GeoCentrism - HelioCentrism - Ptolemaic Theory Overview

And then, if you know you are well-intentioned, but there is still a perplexity or a trouble, it is generally because some unknown or unconscious part of your own mind is working against you. The answer, then, is to become more conscious about all this — then to decide what is important, do it, and move on.

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The reading, then, is simply a way out of an apparent confusion, back to where you know where you stand, and you know what you want to do. The process is a partial reawakening out of the hypnosis of convention, back to your rightful place in your own reasoning mind. There is no magic in any of this, for there is no mysterious magic anywhere in man's self-imagined universe, only the simple law of ideas seeming to come true.

And there is no final truth in any of man's little speculations, just thoughts extended into possibility. In the reading, the answers are just an expression of simple common sense — helped by the art of astrology, mixed with a good dose of philosophy, psychology, and history, and administered with friendship and good humor. Nor does it need to be terribly expensive. Some of my clients like to call for a ten-minute update, just to answer a question or two. Others like to go deeply into things for an hour or more.

If you formulate your concerns beforehand, we can efficiently answer them in the shortest possible time. A good question. If you find value in a reading with me, it is perhaps because I respectfully get myself out of the way, become a bit transparent, and allow something better than my ego — like possibly a bit of intelligence — to come through. Otherwise — honestly, I am just another kid born in this place about seven decades ago, initially fooling around and later becoming more serious and more self-conscious too. After doing many stupid and unhappy things, I decided that I truly wanted to be happy, then realized that true happiness is a good thing, inseparable from what is universally good; and I therefore learned to look for the good everywhere.

I found that the happiest and most liberating livelihood for me was to honestly study consciousness, life, and being in my own attempt at a scientific method, to learn a little about how it all works, and then to share my peculiar discoveries with anyone who wants to listen. I don't think that there are any real experts or authorities or teachers or gurus anywhere on this earth, although there are plenty of people who want to socially appear that way. To my mind, we are all little children, and our wisdom is just a puff of smoke.

Nevertheless, it is all that we have — like older kids passing the unfinished baton to younger kids in a relay race on the way to eternity, or perhaps beyond. You live on a planet orbiting a star. This is a real fact. The star that you orbit, the Sun, is the immediate light of your physical life, the forgotten illuminator of all your days. When you know yourself to be the child of a blessed Star, and behave accordingly, you begin to live a gifted life far better than you ever dreamed. I think that it goes like this — the original fatherhood of God extends itself through the intermediate fatherhood of the universal Soul, then through the fatherhood of the Sun, down to the lower fatherhood of your earthly father.

Whether you consider the Sun to be an actual father or simply a symbol of the father, it remains that the Sun is an absolute necessity for life on earth to happen at all. Imagine yourself being the Sun, bursting with love-light in all directions in a continuous explosion of joy that goes on for billions of years. Poised in the middle of Infinity, you love the Universe, you cast forth your light-seed everywhere, eternally in love with beautiful Night, the vacuum void chamber who is mother of us all.

A part of your light-seed strikes the planets, the individual photons slam into the waiting molecules of matter, impregnating them, causing them to gestate into life. In a little while a new creature is born, running around in the world and generally forgetting that individual photon at its center. O nobly born — you are the child of a Star, you are radiant with beauty.

You are not this body of matter, you are made from intelligence, and goodness, and divine miracles wondrous to behold. Never mind what the earth tells you, never mind what the generations of men taught by the earth tell you.

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You are starlight, you are made from infinite power. You are life, divine and indestructible, existing in sheer Being, suspended in a mystery that goes on forever and ever, world without end. Then what of that other self, the unhappy one, the one who blames, the one who hates and hurts and makes anger and war?

That is no self of yours. That is merely the residue found here, the barely-conscious matter existing in a yawning stupidity, arrogant with the hidden power of incorrigible deception, inhabiting these material worlds and subsisting on the higher beings, that is, living on you! That lower self exists as a personal version of an old program in the collective unconsciousness. Unaware that it is alien, we let it live on us and direct us, being guided by the fact that everyone else is doing the same thing.

Until one day, punished with suffering for the results of wrong actions, we begin to wake up. Then we awaken from the dream of earth to the higher dream of the Sun. From wet matter, we emerge as a self-creative fire, child of the Stars, behaving like a Star in a constant creativity, projecting warmth, and light, and eternal reassurance that all is well.

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As this mental and spiritual shift takes place, we forget the old perspectives and adopt higher views. We stop being centered on the earth. The earth is merely the receptive satellite of a higher and better life, the Sun. Likewise, the ego is merely the satellite of the soul, who sits quietly at the center, beaming forth love-light forever. And just as people are so caught up with the daily nonsense of the earth that they rarely realize that the Sun is the main thing here, so they forget the fact that the soul is the origin of everything that they are and experience.

As man grows, his sciences grow, his philosophies grow, everything expands to meet his measure. So must astrology grow, to encompass man's new discoveries and lend them meaning.

Thus, this new astrology has come into being. It is heliocentric, that is, Sun-centered. It is galactic, that is, referring the zodiac to the center of our Galaxy.

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And it looks at the moment of conception, not the moment of birth, for conception is the true beginning of our career here on this plane. At the same time, this astrology is ancient, old as the stars, inspired by the wisdom found in Homer , in Plato , and in Plotinus. True astrology is a holy science, dealing with man's speculation about his life and destiny, his attempt to refer his experience to the universe which he perceives.