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Rick Levine is no longer writing daily horoscopes for each of the 12 signs. You may still find your daily horoscope at Follow Rick Levine and his.

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Most of us are familiar with tropical zodiac Western , based on the seasons, which has not changed, though sidereal zodiac Eastern , based on constellations, has different signs including a 13th. Is there a correct system?

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That's up for debate. See if your Zodiac sign has changed below based on the new claim. And find out if your friends' signs have changed here or under the dates below.

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  • All rights reserved. The newly released version of her app is built around a freemium model, meaning it is free to download and offers abridged versions of her horoscopes. Users have to pay extra to read the full versions.

    In addition to paying to upgrade her mobile applications — a process she said cost six figures — she said she also had to pay for researchers and editors to help churn out the ,plus words she estimates that she publishes each year on the web and through her applications. Miller has been explaining, repeatedly, on Twitter for the last few weeks that Apple and a software development company, Phunware , each take a cut of the revenue her app pulls in.

    A Missing Revenue Stream From Mobile Apps

    Also, building an audience on mobile helps her establish a loyal audience that will buy calendars, custom books and tickets to her seminars. Niche publishers like Ms. Miller — as well as nearly all major media outlets and publications — are banking on the popularity of mobile to bolster the future of their businesses.

    Susan Miller Explains Kim And Kanye's Astrological Compatibility - BUILD Series

    Phones and tablets are nearly ubiquitous and buying is as easy as a firm touch. In addition, people spend almost as much time, if not more, reading on devices as they do on the web.

    Miller discovered. Miller joins the multitude of small publishers who are trying to figure out how to run a sustainable business on top of a mobile application. And more are emerging each day.

    What the Heck Is Going on With Susan Miller?

    In a blog post, Mrs. The core appeal of these kinds of services, at least for me, is that they cut though the cascade of stories, tweets, links and other media that flow across our screens every day, and serve up something reliably good. Emily Books , for example, is a digital bookstore and subscription service that distributes an eclectic mix of handpicked titles.

    Their service is small — they have a core group of subscribers — but Ms.